10 Government of Canada Jobs in Demand for 2023

In a world where businesses come and go, government jobs seem like a safe bet. However, just like in the private sector, the public sector shifts with the times and technological advances (for example, the pandemic has created unprecedented stressors and staffing shortages). Government jobs that were in high demand 50 years ago may not even exist anymore. At the same time, you may now consider a job that your grandparents would never have imagined. If you’re considering a career change, these sought-after jobs might be for you.

Registered nurse

Registered nurses have one of the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada, even as their work demands have never been greater. The Government of Canada job bank advertises hundreds of openings for registered nurses throughout the country. Demand for their skills will likely increase as those currently in the workforce reach retirement, and as the Covid-19 pandemic creates unprecedented shortages. The pandemic aside, Canada’s aging population means there will be a higher demand for healthcare practitioners; and in remote areas, registered nurses are often the primary healthcare providers.

Aerospace engineer

The greatest demand for aerospace engineers in the public sector is with the Canadian Armed Forces. If you’re wondering how to get a job with the Canadian government, you may want to join the Forces as an aerospace engineering officer, where you’ll get on-the-job training and may have the opportunity to study for a degree.


As the demands of the pandemic taught us, teaching is certainly not for the faint of heart, even at the best of times. But especially as new demands may require shifts to online teaching, the profession has had a challenge finding enough teachers who now not only have to deliver engaging, mind-expanding learning experiences in different situations. Nevertheless, this profession is for you if you’re passionate about creating change at the ground level, inspiring future generations and creating fun lessons that make a lasting impact.

Communications officer

A popular entry-level job in the public sphere that could lead to further opportunities is in the field of communications. Every government agency uses communications officers to liaise with the public and the media, produce reports and write speeches. Being bilingual will open up more options, too. As you learn the ropes, you can work your way up to a manager role, or join the private sector as a public relations specialist.

Human resources officer

Human resources officers have an important part to play in filling Canadian government jobs with the best candidates. They are responsible for recruiting employees, can be involved in the training process, help negotiate salary and benefits packages and much more. Eventually, you can become a human resources manager.

Policy analyst

Policy analysts have one of the most important federal government jobs, since they need to evaluate legislation and see whether the government is on the right track with its policies. The job involves research and gathering data, liaising with stakeholders, examining the impact of current and proposed policy and writing reports. Policy analysts usually require a degree in political science or in the field of expertise in which they work.


Among the Government of Canada jobs open to the public are various types of drivers. These range from chauffeurs for top government officials to truck drivers – and you can find work with departments like the Canadian Armed Forces or Parks Canada. It’s one of those jobs that don’t require a degree, but still pay well. The main requirements for the job are typically a driver’s license for the class of vehicle you’ll be operating and a clean driving record without any traffic violations.


Doctors have one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Working as a doctor in the public sector typically comes with great benefits and pension plans, and you’re afforded a more stable income than you would otherwise have in private practice. It also allows you to serve a greater variety of patients, and you’ll have more freedom to conduct research.

Farm worker

It’s one of the more surprising Canadian government jobs, but Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada often has job openings for farm workers. These jobs are located at the agency’s research farms and substations throughout the country. You can choose from permanent or temporary full-time positions or seasonal work.


Psychologists and mental health professionals are vital (and perhaps never more so than in times like these, with depression rates soaring). The value of these jobs will only increase as Canadians continue to prioritize their well-being, and as society furthers the fight against the stigma attached to mental health needs in general. Depending on your preference, an occupation as a psychologist can extend beyond private practice through the public health system (from schools to rehabilitation centres to workplaces).

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