Binance Auto invest learn and earn quiz Answers – FREE SOL/KNC

1) First, download the Binance app from the below-given link & create your account.

2) Must complete your KYC process, before taking up the quiz.

Binance SOL Quiz Answers:

Q1: Which of these is not one of the technical design features that allow Solana to process transactions at a higher rate? 
Answer: Proof-of-work

Q2: As of September 2022, what is the energy impact of a single Solana transaction on average?
Answer: Less than a Google search (~500 J)

Q3: What can you use SOL for?
Answer: All are correct

Q4: What is the average Solana transaction fee?
Answer: $0.00025

Q5: What is Saga?
Answer: A crypto-friendly mobile phone that uses the Solana Mobile Stack. 

Q6: How quickly does it take the Solana Pay protocol to process a transaction globally?
Answer: A few seconds

Q7: Firedancer, a new Solana validator client being developed by Jump Crypto, can process how many TPS in a test environment?
Answer: 1,200,000

Q8: Solana uses mining to secure its network.
Answer: False

Q9: As of December  2022, how many NFTs have been minted using Solana?
Answer: 22,700,000

Q10: Which of the following established companies support or have integrated Solana?
Answer: All are correct

Binance KNC Quiz Answers:

Q1: What is Kyber Network’s native token?
Answer: KNC

Q2: What is KyberSwap?
Answer: All are correct

Q3: Which blockchain is KyberSwap based on?
Answer: Ethereum

Q4: Users can use KyberSwap’s Discover feature to discover potentially trending tokens.
Answer: True

Q5: What is KyberDAO?
Answer: Kyber Network’s community governance platform

Q6: KyberSwap uses a ___ Market Maker protocol?
Answer: Dynamic

Q7: Users can earn KNC by:
Answer: All are correct.

Q8: The Amplification (AMP) factor is used to ___.
Answer: Mimic higher levels of liquidity

Q9: KyberSwap Classic uses a ___ Market Maker protocol?
Answer: Dynamic

Q10: What is the biggest difference between KyberSwap Elastic and KyberSwap Classic?
Answer: Concentrated liquidity

Q11: The main aim of concentrated liquidity is:

Answer: Capital efficiency

Q12:  How many fee tiers can liquidity providers choose from in KyberSwap Elastic?

Answer: 5 tiers

Q13:  Besides concentrated liquidity, what features set KyberSwap Elastic apart from its competitors?

Answer: All of the above

Q14: Based on which of the following factors does KyberSwap Elastic distribute farming rewards?

Answer: All of the above

Q15: If you’re a DeFi user who wants to customize your earning strategy and bring it to the next level, which KyberSwap version is better for you?

Answer: KyberSwap Elastic

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