Create a Flutter Zoom Clone using Google Firebase and the SDK for beginners

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Flutter Video Chat w/


flutter_video_chat is a simple front-end combining text-messaging (using Google Firebase) and video chat (using for Flutter)!!!!

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  • In the cloned repository, replace the package names with your own
    • applicationId in build.gradle (android\app)
    • package in MainActivity.kt (android\app\src\main\kotlin\com\example\video_chat)
    • package in all three AndroidManifest.xml files (android\app\src\main, android\app\src\debug, android\app\src\profile)
  • go to
  • create a project
  • register project for android (use the package name you chose earlier)
  • Download ‘google-services.json’
  • move ‘google-services.json’ to android > app
  • change pubspec.yaml and both gradle files to include firebase
  • run ‘flutter pub get’ to import dependencies
  • in the firebase console, under “Develop” select “Authentication”
  • Click “Set up sign-in method”
  • Enable the “Email/Password” sign-in method
  • in the firebase console, under “Develop” select Database
  • Click “Create Database”
  • Accept defaults

  • go to Agora’s website,
  • sign up
  • create project
  • copy App ID and set the const APP_ID in lib\video_room.dart