Domestika Naturalistic Illustration in Watercolor and Gouache Free Download

Experiment with textures, shading, lines, and layers to bring to life naturalistic drawings inspired by the world around you using watercolor and gouache paint

Nature is the perfect blend of depth and delicacy. By combining watercolors and gouache, illustrator Georgina Taylor has managed to capture this fine complexity to paint realistic illustrations with a whimsical touch. Her artwork has been printed on packaging for cosmetics and food products, as well as on homeware, stationery, and textiles for brands like Mr Price, Estée Lauder, and Rocksoup. She also illustrated the children’s book Made for each other in collaboration with Templar publishing.

In this online course, learn how to use watercolor and gouache to paint vibrant and highly detailed naturalistic illustrations alongside Georgina. She teaches you the fundamental techniques of each medium and how to seamlessly blend their distinct yet complementary qualities to depict flora and fauna. Draw inspiration from the natural world and bring it to life with paint.

Domestika Naturalistic Illustration in Watercolor and Gouache Free Download

Begin the course by getting to know illustrator Georgina Taylor. Discover how she turned her childhood love of drawing and painting into a career, along with the influences that inspire the art she creates.

Dive into the materials needed for the course and see how to set up your workspace. Georgina then guides you through some basic techniques, like wet-on-wet and stippling, before showing how to build up your images, focusing on brush control, shading, and lines.

Next, gather references for a mood board and develop your ideas in a set of thumbnails, trying out distinct compositions. Once you’ve settled on a design, select a color palette and create the final sketch.

Next, grab a brush and get painting! Start by applying light washes with watercolor, followed by layers of detail in gouache. Learn how to add texture to each of the botanical elements, as well as sharpen the insect’s features, to give your illustration a realistic look.

To wrap up, highlight the finer details with your smallest brushes and smooth over the edges for a polished piece that’s ready to share with the world.

What is this course’s project?

Create a detailed watercolor and gouache painting of an insect (or animal of your choice) with a botanical background.

Who is this online course for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to paint with watercolor and gouache to create highly detailed illustrations, as well as anybody interested in exploring naturalist painting.

Requirements and materials

No prior knowledge is necessary for this course, but basic notions of drawing and color theory are recommended.

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