How to Bypass Mega Download Limit 2023 – 100% working

In this text, Solutechblog would really like to discuss with you how to pass the modern-day mega-download limit. This technique will permit you to download information from without needing to wait and download infinite records.

1. What is Mega.NZ?

Mega.Nz is the homepage of one of the most famous cloud storage offerings, Mega. This record carrier is available on Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. When you sign up for a new account, you can receive up to 50 GB of unencrypted storage.

Everyone here who has used Mega or downloaded data from this website online must be no stranger to having to wait for the records to load earlier than they’re already loaded on the browser or being constrained to just 4 GB/day with a free account.

As a result, in this text, I will explain how you can download files from Mega without being ready and bypass the Mega download limit.

2. How to Bypass Mega Download Limit

2.1. Set up the tool

You download the software MegaBasterd according to the link ( This tool supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms. Please choose the appropriate version and download it. Because I use Windows, I will only do the tutorial on Windows.

Megabasterd - Bypass Mega Download Limit tool

2.2. Steps by Steps

Step 1: You extract the downloaded file. We will get the folder containing the software as shown.

extract Megabasterd

Step 2: Double-click the MegaBasterd file to launch the software.

Step 3: To start downloading the file, click File > New Download.

Step 4: Customize the settings.

First you need to paste the link you want to download into the empty box. You can paste multiple links at once by entering a newline. If you have copied the link before, the software will auto-populate that link.

2.3. How to Bypass Mega Download Limit – Unlimited Downloads

To be able to download unlimited amounts on, this software will support you with the condition that you must have a proxy. The higher the quality and the more proxies, the more downloads you can get. I will not guide you on how to get a proxy here. If you are interested, I will share it with you in another article.

Step 1: Click “Edit” > “Settings.”

You go to the Downloads tab and scroll down to check the box “Use SmartProxy“. A notification window will appear; click OK.

3. Some notes when using MegaBasterd

When you first use this tool, when you open the software, you will receive this message. You can press No to continue using it, but next time it will continue to notify.

To turn it off, select Yes, then go to the page (, log in to your account to get the API key.

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