How to Download Free Shutterstock Images without Watermark 2023

How do I Download Free Shutterstock Images without Watermark

Shutterstock is among the largest collections with a wide selection of Stock Images, Photos, Vectors, Videos, Music and other digital assets. If you’re searching for the ideal images to put on your site or looking for the perfect video footage you’ll need for the next video you upload to YouTube, Shutterstock is the place to go.

The New York-based company for stock photography is home to more than more than 50 million vector images such as stock photos video, templates editorials, icons and more. You can download creative assets royalty-free from Shutterstock and use them in your professional or personal projects without having to worry about copyright.

Shutterstock images aren’t cost-free, but If you download any pictures from Shutterstock without purchasing them, there will be watermarks on the pictures. The watermarks are put in place to safeguard the rights to the images. So, you aren’t able to officially download an unwatermarked Shutterstock picture without having to pay for the cost. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all the options.

Fortunately that downloading Shutterstock images without watermarks is a possibility and there are many methods of doing it. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step instructions on how to download stock images with the free trial of 30 days as well as online downloaders for Shutterstock. If you’re looking to know, then continue reading to the close.

Download Shutterstock Images with no Watermark for free

There are numerous online tools that allow you download no-cost Shutterstock images without watermarks. If you wish to use Shutterstock images for non-commercial uses it is possible to use websites to download the images. With an Shutterstock Images downloader you can effortlessly save large-sized stock images to your computer in a matter of minutes or more. For more information on how you can do that do the following steps.

Visit the Shutterstock website, then go to the image you want to download, or search for images via the search function.

Copy the URL of the image using the address bar in your browser.

Then, go to using a different browser tab. (Note that if you’re using an Ads-blocker, you must disable it first in order to access the website.)

Copy your copied Shutterstock photo URL into the search bar, and then hit the Enter button.

After pressing ‘Enter’ scroll down and you’ll find the ‘Download Generated Image Click on that. Click the button.

This will redirect you to a website that allows you to download the image that was generated. Then, to download you can click on the image. The image will download immediately and without watermarks.

That’s it. You can now download watermark-free Shutterstock image for absolutely free.


If you are able to download a no-cost Shutterstock image, that doesn’t mean you have to utilize the image in any way you’d like. The idea behind the royalty-free image is that they come with the proper license when you buy the image from an image seller such as Getty and Shutterstock.

Utilizing stock images without proper licenses is illegal and you should be careful not to use the images for commercial purposes. Shutterstock provides premium stock images that are uploaded by numerous photographers around the world, and the success of these photographers relies on the users.

This is why if you wish to use images for commercial projects, you have to possess a valid license. In order in order to obtain this, you’ll need to buy the image legally and legally. If you don’t, you could risk legal penalties.

If, however, you wish to use to use Shutterstock images for personal, non-commercial use, then make use of the images. So long as you don’t share them or make use of it for commercial use then you’re okay.

Finally, this content is meant to be used for solely educational purposes and is not intended to serve as an official substitute for purchase. This being said that, at Gizmoradar we do not support nor support any type of piratery.

How can I download in full-size Shutterstock images with no watermark?

We’ve learned how to download Shutterstock images with no watermarks using third-party downloaders. We’ve also learned about the dangers of the use of downloaded images in commercial projects without the required license.

Do you know of any legal methods (rather than the subscription) that allow you to access Shutterstock Images free of cost? There are alternatives if you wish to incorporate images into commercial projects without having to purchase an Shutterstock subscription.

There are many options for free trial, freebies every week Shutterstock Image Pack and group purchase service are always ready to meet your desires. We will present a few legal methods you can download large Shutterstock Images without paying the premium.

  1. Get 10 free images using Shutterstock’s Free Trial

Similar to other image suppliers, Shutterstock also offers a free trial. If you sign up for the trial you are able to try Shutterstock for free for one month, and download up to 10 high-resolution images with no watermarks.

Download any picture that you desire and the best part is that the images come under a royalty-free license. This means you can make use of them for commercial purpose without breaking any of the terms. Here’s how to download images that are not watermarked at Shutterstock using Shutterstock’s Free Trial.

Visit on the Shutterstock site and then click the “Free trial” button located in the upper right-hand corner.

Sign up now to create a new account. login to your existing account in case your account is already in place. Click on the ‘Start Free trial’

Go to their pricing webpage then click on the ‘Start your free trial’.

Lastly, you must fill in your payment information and billing address , then click on “Complete checkout.’

That’s it! Your trial is now activated and you’ll be able download 10 high-resolution photos (stock images or vectors) that you want with no watermark absolutely free!

Please note: Shutterstock will automatically continue your annual subscription . They will charge the monthly subscription cost (US29 dollars) to your method of payment two days before the month’s end until the expiration date of your subscription or until you choose to cancel.

If you don’t make a decision to cancel your trial during the trial period of free the annual commitment will start and you’ll be charged each month. If you decide to cancel your subscription within the trial period that is over the early cancellation fee might be charged. If you decide that you don’t intend to stay with Shutterstock and have found the image you’ve been searching for, and you decide to you can cancel your Shutterstock trial for free within 5 days prior to when the due date of the month.

  1. Download from “This Week’s Free Image”

Every week Shutterstock releases a new photo and vector that is completely free. You can download high-resolution images and stock photos at no cost. Use these images however you want, there’s no requirement to sign in and Shutterstock does not collect any personal information.

When you sign up for your account, if you have checked the box that permits Shutterstock to mail you marketing offers, you’ll be signed up for their newsletter. Once you’ve subscribed you’ll receive randomly images with high resolution (watermark-free) royalty-free photos directly into your email.

Follow these steps to obtain it:

Create an account with Shutterstock

During the registration process , check the box that permits Shutterstock to send you promotions offers.

That’s it. Make sure to check your mailbox each week for a free picture and vector.

Note: Although the images in “This Week’s Free Image” may not be the ones you want however, you can download and download full-size watermark-free photos without paying a cent and nothing harms.

  1. Get your download directly from Shutterstock free collections

In addition to weekly pictures for free, Shutterstock also offers free images from stock libraries. Download and utilize these stock images in full resolution and image packs without spending any money. If you don’t receive daily free images in your email then you can go to Shutterstock’s page of free downloads and download the images from there.

Follow these steps to obtain it:

Check out the image collections for free.

Choose an image pack.

Get the images pack.

Unzip the files.

You can use it anywhere you like.

  1. LIP Free Pack for Students

More than 47 licensed Shutterstocks images are available for download to use for your assignments for class and personal projects. All images are of excellent quality and don’t have watermarks, which means you can begin your school year with more than 40 free images.

Additionally, in addition to free images, in the past you could also participate in the Shutterstock x Lecture in Progress student challenge. If you created the top project, you could have the chance to be the winner of an Apple MacBook Air. However, the site is no longer accessible.

Here’s how to Download Free Images for Students:

Go to the Lip student FREE pack webpage.

Click the ‘Get it Now click on the button and the images can be download.

Unzip the images

That’s it. You can incorporate the images in your assignments to class and personal projects as well as any other creative project.

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