How to remove the Snapchat filter from an already saved photo as well as Video (Guide)

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Are you unsure how to get rid of the Snapchat filter in a saved photo or video?

So, don’t fret and read this article until the close.

Many people like to enhance their videos and photos by adding filters. Snapchat is the best app for editing photos or videos right away and making them look better.

With Snapchat’s AI-powered lenses, filters, and stickers, users can quickly play with their videos and photos with a single swipe or tap.

So, if you’re not enjoying your everyday photos and want to spice it up slightly, then download Snapchat on your smartphone and give the filters a shot.

Though often, unfiltered Snapchat videos or photos look stunning, unlike filtered ones.

If you’ve already saved a Snapchat filter-filtered picture or video and want to reverse the process, all you have to do is follow the directions below.

How do you get rid of the Snapchat filter that is in a previously saved image or video?

You can use Snapchat’s “magic eraser” tool or any Snapchat filter removal app that can remove a filter, sticker, or emoji to remove the filter from an image you saved on your Android or iOS device.

There isn’t a way to delete the Snapchat filter on a saved video with this tool called the Magic Eraser because the videos are created with

Snapchat’s AI Lenses.

Therefore, you may require the assistance of an expert to finish the job.

If you’re looking to get rid of the Snapchat filters in your saved photos with this magic eraser, follow this step-by-step procedure.

Remove Snapchat filtering from an already saved photo:

Follow these easy steps to remove the filter in a saved image.

Start the Snapchat app.

The app will launch with its default camera screen. So, to open the “Memories” section of the app, you can either swipe up or tap the “Gallery” icon.

Scroll down until you select your image in the gallery.

Then, tap it to let it open.

Then, hold and tap and then release to the image, or tap the three dots menu.

What else could use the built-in magician eraser?

If you’re thinking about other functions that the tool magic eraser has, I suggest you read the complete list.

Take off Snapchat stickers from the saved Snap:

With the help of this tool, you can remove Snapchat stickers. Snapchat stickers were added to your pictures.

Do you want to test it?

Then, follow this easy step-by-step procedure.

Start your Snapchat app.

After that, swipe upwards or tap”Gallery” or swipe up on the “Gallery” icon to open the “Memories” part of the application.

Then, scroll through the gallery of photos to discover the image.

After that, tap it to let it open.

Next, tap and hold and then release onto the image, or tap the three dots menu.

A menu will appear.

Choose “Edit Snap” from the menu of choices.

Then, you can perform the tap-and-hold function on the sticker you’d like to take off and then drag it over to the trash icon or bin on the right-hand side of your screen.