The most in-demand jobs in 2025 and beyond

What are the top jobs for the next decade? The workplace is changing, and there is a shift in the World Economic Forum even talks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the five years to come automation will end the necessity thousands of workers. But, it will provide new possibilities. Jobs that are able to be completed remotely are likely to become more widespread and certain traditional jobs will always be sought-after. Here are a few of the most sought-after jobs by 2025 and beyond.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses were one of the Canadian jobs that were in high need in the year 2000 and there’s no indication that this profession will become less sought-after in 2025. Actually, the country’s increasing population is likely to mean that there will be a greater demand for registered nurses which makes this one of the most desirable jobs in the near future. For a nurse to be registered you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s and be able to meet your state or the territory’s license requirements.

Retail Sales Associate

There are some retail jobs that don’t force you to shed your hair. Retail sales associate might not be among these but it’s one of the jobs that will be highly sought-after. The work you do isn’t easy to be replaced by a robot, since it requires the interpersonal skills that robots aren’t able to master.

Health Aide to Care

As Canada’s population ages and more aging, there will be a greater need for those who can aid people who are elderly, disabled, or sick with tasks such as grooming, bathing, and dressing. Health care assistants are one of the most lucrative jobs to be found in the next 10 years, not just because there will be a rise in this area, but also because it does not require years of studying. Every province and territory has its own standards that usually include the requirement for a certificate.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives might not hold jobs in Canada which pay upwards of $300k, but they’re certainly not at risk of having their job vanish. In the end, the majority of people prefer not to converse with a robot when they had an actual person with genuine interpersonal capabilities instead. The majority of customer service representatives are trained on the job and climb the ladder to higher paying positions, meaning they can have a great career path.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are among the most lucrative jobs that doesn’t require sitting at a desk. Particularly those who operate the heavy and trailer-type trucks are also likely to have the top jobs of 2025 as their abilities are in high demand in a myriad of industries. To be a truck driver in Canada you must be able to prove that you have a valid driver’s permit that is specific to the kind of truck that you’ll be driving.

Teacher or Trainer or

The future will be filled with a need for trainers and educators, and especially in an age where technology is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. Teachers in Canada typically need four years of postsecondary education which includes one year of teacher education studies. Training requirements for trainers are different depending on the kind of training you’ll take but usually include some hands-on training.


If it’s about jobs for the coming years, 2025 is likely not to be a year in which there is an enormous need for traditional bookkeepers. This is because statisticians have utilized data available to come up with the forecast. Statistics in actual fact are among the most rapidly growing careers and if you’ve got an eye for numbers, you’ll never get a wrong master’s degree in mathematics or statistics. Statisticians are also among the most lucrative jobs for Generation Z.

Wind Turbine Technician Service

If you are a lover of nature and you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the field in the field, you could think about being a wind turbine service technician. It’s one of the most jobs for the environment and, as the world moves toward renewable energy, it’s one of the occupations that will be in the near future. Many technical colleges in Canada provide training programs and also in-the-field training.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

The increasing demand for sustainable structures means that there is a higher need for solar panels, too. That’s why solar photovoltaic installers are one of the jobs that will grow the fastest over the next 10 years or more. There are numerous institutions in Canada which offer training to solar PV installers.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapists are among the most lucrative job opportunities within Canada specifically for females. But, one of the jobs that is growing the fastest is occupational therapy assistants, or OTA. The name implies that an OTA assists the occupational therapist by helping patients to learn basic tasks. In order to become an OTA in Canada it is necessary to complete a course of training approved through the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists.

Physician Assistant

You’d love to get a job in the field of medicine, but don’t want to live your entire life trying to pay off your student loans, then becoming a physician assistant an ideal option. The tasks you’ll perform are like those performed by physicians, but working in collaboration with the physician, instead of independently. In Canada the process of becoming a physician assistant requires an accredited master’s or bachelor’s degree, and getting through the Physician assistant Certification Council’s examination.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners enjoy a bright career outlook in Canada in 2025 , and possibly beyond. They are nurses with a registered nurse license who have received special training so that they are able to recognize and treat diseases. Their work is particularly important in rural areas since they can provide access to healthcare providers. There are a variety of institutions in Canada that offer education for nurses.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Effective communication will become more essential in an increasingly interconnected world, and speech-language pathologists – also known as SLPs will be highly sought-after. They also hold among the positions that gives the longest days off. SLPs do not just deal with speech and language problems but also swallowing issues. Qualifications for becoming an SLP within Canada vary based on the territory or province however, they usually require master’s degrees in the area.


Doctors of every kind are among the best pay jobs in the world . with a population that is aging, Canada will continue to witness a rising need for medical professionals. To become a doctor in Canada will require years of education which includes a bachelor’s level degree, followed with four medical schools after which you must pass the licensing exam and after that, completing a residency for at minimum two years.


Dentists are among the most lucrative jobs with the highest salary growth in Canada which makes them one of the most lucrative jobs that will be in high demand in the coming years. In Canada being a dentist requires a college diploma in dentistry and taking the National Examining Board of Canada’s tests and then obtaining a license to practice in your state or territory.

App Developer

As technology advances, it is likely that soon there will be apps for every aspect. Therefore, app developers will have one of the most lucrative careers to come up with in the coming years. To be an application developer, one generally require a bachelor’s degree from the field of computer science, but there are also simple courses that look stunning on your resume. These courses can take on the internet.


For as long as there will be money in the market, companies must be accountable for their earnings and how much they spend. Auditors are always required to examine the financial statements. When you’ve finished your education in Canada you’ll need to be certified as a professional by the Institute of Internal Auditors to become an auditor.

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