The Top 10 Instant Personal Loans in Canada

02. Personal Loan LendDirect Canada

LendDirect is among the lenders with specialised expertise that provides unsecure personal loans that allow for continuous borrowing of up to $15,000 as well as unlimited cash advances with no fees. You could be eligible for an open-ended credit line within a day of having your application accepted for one of these most prestigious personal loans in Canada. Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan all offer this service.

Types of Loans and Services

LendDirect offers an individual credit line that can be used to obtain a loan up to $15,000 as an option. LendDirect’s loans have an open-ended time period of three months and a rate of 19.99 percent APR. If you use direct deposit or Interac E-Transfer, the loan’s financing takes only one or two minutes.

LendDirect customers LendDirect provides credit up to $15,000 with only a few acceptance conditions, as well as unlimited cash advances, courtesy payment extensions, no fixed payment amounts, and the ability to make payments in advance. 

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