The Top 25 Most In-Demand jobs in Canada 2023

Certain jobs are frequently classified as the most sought-after jobs available in Canada Therefore, establishing an career in these fields is usually less challenging for those who are interested, particularly through the aid of recruiting agencies.

There are positions that require skilled labor, such as general workers, truck drivers and welding. There are also positions for people working in the professional and administrative areas like HR manager, Project Manager administrative assistant, account manager and receptionist.

There are job opportunities in a range of provinces and territories across Canada. There’s a spot for all with different qualifications and careers which range from blue-collar jobs to white-collar positions.

What are the most in-demand Job Openings in Canada?

  1. Web Developer
  2. Human Resource (HR) Managers
  3. Electrical Engineer
  4. Veterinarians (Vets)
  5. Human Resource and Recruitment Officers
  6. Financial Advisor
  7. Pharmacist
  8. Welder
  9. General Laborer
  10. Aerospace Engineer
  11. Administrative Assistants
  12. Merchandiser
  13. Driver
  14. Receptionist
  15. Project Manager
  16. Account Manager
  17. Business Development Manager
  18. Accountant
  19. A Registered Nurse (RN)
  20. The University professor and lecturer
  21. Software Engineer
  22. Industrial Electrician
  23. Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanical
  24. Sales Associate
  25. Optician
  26. Now, let’s dive to the specifics.

1. Web Developer

Web developers work in a variety of organisations, ranging from small and medium-sized companies to large corporations and even government. Web developers are specialist in the creation of applications or as a programmer.

With Canada’s two-week processing deadline in the Global Talent Stream, web developers can follow a logical path to obtain the Canada job permit.

Average Salary: $96,305

Old NOC Code of 2016 2175

A new NOC for 2021: 21234 Web programmers and developers

Related Jobs web designer, webmaster and Webmaster, and Search Webmaster, Search Optimization (SEO) Expert.

2. Human Resource (HR) Managers

Human resource managers are responsible in attracting the best talent for Canada’s competitive job market. HR managers are yet one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada.

Average Salary: $89,003

Old 2016 NOC Code 0112

The new 2021 NoC code 10011.

Related Jobs: 11200 – Human resource professionals 12101 – Human resource and recruiters

3. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers play a significant part in modern society. Electrical engineers design, study the need for, design, build and examine electrical components and systems and are accountable for their security.

Average Salary: $97,832

Old NoC Code for 2016 2133

The new 2021 NoC code 21310

Related Job: Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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4. Veterinarians (Vets)

Canadians are passionate about their pets and many own different kinds of pets, which range from dogs, cats and even domestic animals. However, the quantity of vets working in Canada is at a minimum making it an extremely demanded positions in Canada for many years.

Veterinarians who practice in Canada are required to hold an education from a vet institution that has the proper approval. A veterinarian trying to build a career path in Canada is required to have a license from the regulatory body within the provinces/territories, as this is a provincially regulated occupation.

Average Salary: $95,804

Old NoC Code for 2016 3114

New 2021 NoC Code 31103

5. Human Ressources and Recruitment Officers

As businesses expand, consequently, there is an increase in the number of candidates who are suitable for the vacant jobs. The Recruitment Officers (Recruiters) are a key part in filling the ever-growing requirement in Canada for applicants to fill the job vacancies that are made. In the professional fields of tech and engineering, need for recruiters is extremely high.

A recruiter looking to create an employment path in Canada is required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a discipline like human relations. The recruiter can enhance chances of success by becoming an experienced recruiter, and as an active participant in the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada (APRC).

Average Salary: $75,292

Old NoC Code for 2016 1223

The new 2021 NoC code 12101

Related Occupation: 11200 Human Resources Professionals

6. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors provide advice to families and individuals about how they can manage their finances. Financial advisors employed by banks also advertise the products and services offered by an institution that is financial.

Average Salary: $62,971

Old NoC Code for 2016 0111 1114

New 2021 NOC Code: 11102 – Financial Advisors

Related Occupations Related Occupations: Financial Managers Other Financial Officers Financial Sales Representatives

7. Pharmacist

Pharmacists work with programs and services created to boost well-being and healthy. Pharmacists can establish a successful career through working in a hospital or in a drugstore, or by opening your own business.

Pharmacists are regulated by provincial authorities. The requirements are a bachelor’s diploma of pharmacy and passing an test that is administered by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) and then registering with your territory or province to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada.

This is among the most lucrative, well-paying jobs in Canada in recent years. Pharmacists in Canada make an average of $45/hour, and if they work for at least 12 hours a day for an entire year, they can make an average of $129,600 per year.

Average Salary: $92,314

Old NoC Code of 2016 3131

New 2021 NOC Code: 31120 – Pharmacists

8. Welder

One of the benefits of being a welder is that you don’t necessarily need a university degree or college diploma, however you can still earn a decent salary. Welders are one of the most sought-after occupations in Canada.

This skill requires expertise in welding. To become a professional welder in Canada you must complete the vocational education, apprenticeship or both.

This is one of some of the best 15 job opportunities of the year ahead, and is in an extremely high demand. This is evident in the declining amount of skilled tradespeople.

To increase your chances for being employed as a welding technician, you must master the art of welding underwater, which demands you be a skilled swimmer, and not fear water.

Average Salary: $83,504

Old NoC Code for 2016 Old 2016 NOC Code: 7327

New 2021 NoC Code 72106

Related Occupations: Welders and related Machine Operators

9. General Laborer

General labourers are those who move material and equipment. They are required to perform physically demanding tasks like excavation, demolition and other compaction actions. Construction craft workers are able to prepare and take care of cleaning up on construction sites.

Average Salary: $57,678

Old NoC Code for 2016 Old 2016 NOC Code: 761

New 2021 NoC Code: 75110 Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers

Related Occupation: 75119 Other trades’ helpers and labourers, Construction Craft Workers

10. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers create and test, study design, develop, and oversee the manufacturing and service of systems and vehicles. Like UAVs, also known as unmanned drones (UAVs) military and commercial aircrafts as well as spacecraft and other aerospace equipment. Many schools offer degrees for aerospace engineers.

The odds of being hired for the position of an engineer working in aerospace engineering Canada are extremely high because older engineers are entering retirement, allowing an opportunity for young engineers. Additionally, there always seems to be a steady growth within the sector. This is among the most highly paid and demanded jobs in the current market.

Average Salary: $108,347

Old NoC Code for 2016 2146

New 2021 NOC Code: 21390 – Aerospace engineers

Related Occupations Related Occupations: Aircraft Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer Spacecraft Design Engineer

11. Administrative Assistants

The people who perform this job provide support to colleagues working in areas such as accounting, as well as other administrative tasks. Administrative assistants who are more skilled in bookkeeping or accounting tasks are more likely to be hired since the job is listed as one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada in the present time.

Average Salary: $49,927

Old NoC Code for 2016 1241

NEW 2021 NOC Code 13110 Administrative assistants

Related Jobs: 13111 – Administrative assistants for legal matters, 13112 Medical administrative assistants

12. Merchandiser

Merchandisers are usually employed by the retail outlets (e.g. Walmart, Canadian Tire, Real Canadian Superstore) and decides on what new stock or inventory to introduce and how it will be displayed on shelves in the stores.

Average Salary: $48,610

Old NoC Code for 2016 6222

A new NOC for 2021 64100 for retail salespersons as well as visual merchandisers

Related Occupations: Retail and Wholesale Buyers.

13. Driver

There are various types of drivers, ranging including delivery drivers, driver of trucks, forklifts and long-haul drivers.

If you’re able to operate a commercial vehicle you stand a good chance of securing a job Canada in addition.

The market for employment is huge and, as many people want to transport goods and other items across the globe, there is an urgent need for commercial drivers. The certification required is a commercial vehicle driver’s licence or a forklift operator’s certification. You can expect to find work quickly in Canada with the appropriate permits.

Average Salary: $64,836

Old NoC Code for 2016 751, 7521 and 7521,

New 2021 NoC Code: 73300 Drivers of transport trucks

Related Occupations: 73301 Metro operators, bus drivers as well as other operators of transit

14. Receptionist

In a business or an organization it is the primary person who represents the business. Receptionists have a major responsibility in the impressions they leave for clients who are either current or potential who are looking to work with an business.

A receptionist should possess excellent customer service and relationships that span the non-verbal and verbal aspects of communication in a professional way. The job also requires a good skills in operating computers and multitasking can be an added benefit as it makes the job appear less demanding, even when you are dealing face-to-face with customers.

Average Salary: $47,304

Old NoC Code for 2016 1414

New 2021 NOC Code: 14101 – Receptionists

15. Project Manager

The professionals in this field require a variety of skills including sales, marketing engineering, and many more. Their job demands that they be flexible and have an ability to manage multiple fields of expertise when it comes to budgets or people.

In recent years, the position of an experienced project manager is among the most demanded job opportunities in Canada. To boost your chances of being able to be employed as a project manager you must have an Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Average Salary: $98,425

Old NoC Codes of 2016 0211, 0213 0711 1221

The new 2021 NoC code:

16. Account Manager

The people who make a name for themselves within this industry are generally required to have a background in establishing relationships with clients whether from a new or existing base. Companies in Canada are constantly seeking account managers with the knowledge and experience, and are more skilled with sales or customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Account managers in Canada are paid a base salary with commissions.

There is a massive need for account managers across diverse industries, from banking, marketing sales and information technology consulting. The secret to becoming an account manager who is successful is to be able to establish strong bonds and relationships with customers.

Average Salary: $86,104

Old NoC Code of 2016 4163

The new 2021 NoC code 64101

Related Occupations Account and sales representatives Wholesale trade (non-technical)

17. The Business Development Manager

Managers of business development play the essential job of customer and client prospecting. They also assist sales team in closing deals.

Average Salary: $84,003

Old NoC Code for 2016 4163

NEW 2021 NOC Code 41402 Business development officers as well as market researchers and analysts

Related Work Related Occupations: Business development officers, marketing researchers, as well as consultants.

18. Accountant

When we hear the term “accountant first, we think of the record-keeping aspect of the financial value. However accountants have financial knowledge and are responsible for monitoring budgets, revenue, and expenditures.

Accounting has been divided in a variety of specializations, and they encompass taxation, auditing payroll, auditing, and more. To distinguish yourself for an accounting professional in Canada you must have an CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) certification is an essential requirement for every accountant to have.

Average Salary: $69,100

Old NoC Code for 2016 0111 1111

The new 2021 NoC code 11100

Related Occupations Related Occupations: Accountants and financial auditors

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19. A Registered Nurse (RN)

Health care is crucial to good health and, as the saying goes, “health is wealth.” Canadians believe in proper healthcare in every province and territory as is apparent in the fact that nursing is among of the most demanded positions in Canada.

The minimum requirements for becoming an registered nurse include a bachelor’s degree, as well as official certification with the nurses regulatory and territorial authority. Recently, there has been a dramatic decline in the nursing population and this has impacted the health system.

Average Salary: $87,603

Old NoC Code for 2016 3012

New 2021 NoC Code 31301

Related Occupations Registered nurses and psychiatrist nurses

20. Professor at the University and Lecturer

Knowledge is the key to success however, without someone to transmit information, it is buried and doesn’t grow. The process of becoming a professor in an Canadian university takes many years of dedication and hard work.

A typical Canadian professor earns around $100,300 per year. While this might not be enough for academics but it does come with other benefits such as tuition-free to the student (and their spouse or dependents) at a variety of universities across Canada.

Average Salary $93,584 (lecturer) (lecturer), $123,300 (professor)

Old 2016 NoC Code 4011

New 2021 NoC Code 41200

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21. Software Engineer

The need for experts in software engineering has grown in recent times. The majority of people think of software engineers as individuals working exclusively for tech companies, however this isn’t just limited to tech companies. It applies for every business, since they rely on computer programs, as well as applications for mobile and online devices and software developed with the help of software engineering.

Software engineers in Canada must learn and master the art of coding and application design. Coding has been among the most demanded job opportunities in Canada for the past two years.

Average Salary: $100,562

Old NoC Code for 2016 2173

The new 2021 NoC code is 2131 – Software designers and engineers

Job Related to: 21232 Programmers and developers of software

22. Industrial Electrician

The amount that is paid in salary to industrial electricians is different in the territories and provinces of Canada. The industrial electricians who work in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba have the highest pay compared to those in other provinces/territories in Canada.

The most fascinating aspect of this job is that you don’t require a degree. Instead all you need is an apprenticeship as well as the combination of vocational and educational training. This is among the most sought-after jobs in Canada from the year 2018 until the moment of the present.

Average Salary: $83,671

Old NoC Code for 2016 7242

New 2021 NOC Code: 72201 – Industrial electricians

Related occupations The following occupations are related to electricians: 72200 Electrical engineers (except electrical and power systems, except for industrial) 72202 – Electricians of the power system.

23. Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician

Heavy-duty mechanics of equipment maintain, repair and overhaul large machines as well as industrial equipment that are connected to or powered by a power unit.

Industries like manufacturing and energy and are crucial for the Canadian economy.

Average Salary: $82,864

Old NoC Code for 2016 Old 2016 NOC Code: 7312

New 2021 NOC Code: 72401 Heavy-duty mechanics of equipment

Related Job Titles: Heavy Equipment technician, technician for agricultural equipment.

24. Sales Associate

The sales associate and the sales reps are essential, both when it comes to selling directly to consumers and B2B (Business to Business) sales.

Sales representatives who are non-technical, such as wholesale, sell their businesses non-technical services and goods.

Average salary: $58,277

Old NoC Code for 2016 6411.

A new NOC for 2021 64101 Sales representatives and accounts representatives Wholesale trade (non-technical)

Related Occupations: 62100 Technical sales specialists in wholesale trade, 64100 – Salespersons for retail and visual merchandisers

25. Optician

Around 70 percent of the Canadian population wears glasses and, as we continue to be more active on electronic screens via smartphones, computers and television The number of people suffering from eye issues is increasing every day. The growth in this area must be matched by the opticians available in Canada.

The qualifications to become an opticalist in Canada is to pass the National Optical Sciences Examination and be registered with your provincial or territorial regulatory agency. It is among the most demanded jobs in Canada and the need for Opticians stems from the rapid decline in people who can fill the positions in Canada.

Average Salary: $77,400

Old NoC Code for 2016 3231

New 2021 NOC Code: 32100 – Opticians

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