What do you think of whether artificial intelligence (AI) replacing human resource (HR) personnel or supervisors across all sectors? 

What do you think of whether artificial intelligence (AI) replacing human resource (HR) personnel or supervisors across all sectors? Do you believe AI could be able to do better than humans in this area, and If so, why?

We’re almost there. HR professionals have many candidates to evaluate, and they must get the job completed as quickly and efficiently as it is possible. In today’s world there is no need to spend time or money on employees who will not be the best performer. Utilizing AI analysing systems allows companies to do exactly the right amount of. Instead of risking selecting employees who may make a great fit for your company, it’s today possible to take choices regarding your workforce with nearly 100 percent accuracy.

AI hiring systems collect data that employers did not have prior to. It analyzes the complete Internet presence of the candidate in order to comprehend their personality from the inside. It’s impossible to accomplish that manually within a short span duration, or any time. AI analyzes the length for which the candidate will likely to stay in the position and also how they can be altered. AI is much more effective and can process more data and, in theory, doesn’t introduce biases in an interview process which makes it more impartial. So, we’ll definitely see more AI being used in HR over the next few years It is more efficient and lets employers hire the candidates who will be the perfect match and has more details about the applicants than HR professionals could find within a short time. Naturally, this shift can be a bit frightening. For HR professionals who could lose their jobs, as well as for those whose fates will be determined by an algorithm that discovered the offensive tweets they posted just five years ago. Technology and advancements in technology are always accompanied by positive and negative consequences.

Some time ago, while we were showing Mitra, the Mitra machine at an occasion, a doctor came into my room and spoke to me the subject. He was very fervent in the belief that we’re destroying work for security officers, receptionists, and others.

I informed him I told him that medical doctors such as his had put the majority of black magic healers, shamans and medical practitioners from the village out of the market. Are you sure? And to make matters worse, their methods have helped to eliminate numerous diseases, making it harder the other physicians to gain jobs. You scientists and the savior of jobs!

And the most infamous of the job killers of all time was agriculture. General goal AI and singularity will not even be able to match the “chaos” caused by agriculture. Up until 12000 years ago our sole job was to hunt for food sources – hunting and foraging. As with all animals, that was the only thing we did all day.

Then these random dudes dudettes begin to show their mastery in wild seed. Then food production was an easy task. A single farmer on only a few acres produced more calories than the dozens of hunters battling several square miles of forest. This led to the “horrible” thing called civilization.

Instead of hunting and foraging many people became involved in other activities such as pottery, painting urban design construction of homes and drainages mining, administration and accounting, jewellery as well as medical…

After a couple of thousand years the same group of men began harnessing steam’s potential to make “nasty” things such as locomotion. Instead of chasing our horses to reach our next town, we’d travel further across the continent by reading newspapers. We walked around, pondered various things. Instead of using children for a variety of jobs like chimney sweeps, we continued to find better ways. In the end, the horses carriage operators and others were able to move on to other tasks.

We often confuse general-purpose AI with robots. Robots aren’t different from any other type of machine. They are no different than your washing machines or music players.

Let’s say that we are in the worst possible scenario and that we are able to create a general-purpose AI which can do anything a human would. What will occur?

It’s similar to agriculture which destroyed a lot of the things we do every day. There are many things we could be doing similar to sports. In most video games robots are far superior to humans. Does this mean that we’re less likely play with humans? Actually, we’d be more likely to play with humans simply because bots are more advanced than us.

We could do psychotherapy, art and many other human fields aren’t even in existence. As people couldn’t think of separate careers like arts prior to the advent of agriculture, we’ve got an issue with imagination.

We would also have more quality time spent with our kids and teens, who are often left in a solitary space with their televisions, and more time with their parents, who are often left to rot in solitude.

However, this assumes that there is a general-purpose AI. Robotics isn’t as good as general-purpose AI. We’re not making machines that can perform everything.

What about films such as The Matrix and Terminator. You guys are now offering us Hollywood? In the event that you are a believer in these bizarre films, do you think that you can trust other dystopian films such as “I’m the legend”? In that film there is a virus that spreads and wipes out the majority of humanity. Does this mean that we need to shut down the pharma and medical industry?

Hollywood can create an eerie picture of the future from everything possible. They’ve turned things that is as simple as vacuum cleaners into dangerous objects. Should we not be doing any of them?

In reality, everything that is useful can become dangerous Think of water, fire air, vehicles trains, electricity medications as well as sugar, petrol and petrol or any other item that could cause death very quickly.

Anything that can’t cause harm to you, isn’t very useful to you.

Robotics, just like any other major revolution, may cause chaos in society. It is not different from the industrial revolution or the agricultural revolution. It will cause displacement. It’s been said that the same is true for computing, too. Would the people who concerned about spreadsheets created by computers in the 1970s had thought of the new industries that were developed by computers 40 years after?

However, there is many essential things that cannot be done effective today, and we require robots to help us with them. Let me provide you with examples:

Chemical factories explode, release harmful chemicals that could immediately kill human beings. Robots are able to be programmed to react , and then within seconds start solving the issue.

A senior citizen is alone in his house, unable battle loneliness or defend himself against people who would like for ways to steal his property. Robots can help fight the loneliness, ease the pain, improve the quality of life and security.

A girl gets stuck in a boring well that has not been used every day across the world in developing countriesIt happens all the time in the developing world. They usually die. Bots are able to accomplish things that humans can’t.

It’s not always life-threatening. When you walk into a store nowadays, and you’re unable to find someone who can help you. The robots may walk with you, learn about your needs assist you in shopping and even load items onto your car. They could even play football with your kids and get them off the television.

I could give you hundreds of examples of this and it is the way to go. To get there, we need to build simple robots that can do more mundane tasks. Babys must traverse the toddler phase before turning into an adult.

In the past 40 years 40 years ago, your parents could not have had the idea of what you can use computers for. They would not have even thought about the type of groundbreaking applications we use every day.

Ah… small questions. The question will not be seen more than 20 times But I think I’m able to answer this good, which is why I’ll address the question.

I am of the opinion that artificial intelligence could eventually take away a lot of our goals as human beings. Here’s why:

Humans evolved through physically demanding, hard work. They pushed themselves to their limits of their tribes, chasing after animals, taking care of injured, and creating.

The shift to a less physical life and a more cognitive one has brought many benefits, but in the same way there is a profound insanity. Humans have stopped striving to be more efficient athletes or stronger builders. Lack of exercise can have a negative effect as exercising is the most effective natural treatment for depression. (I included an article at the bottom of this post for further studies).

We’re still evolving but not in a way that is fast enough to keep up with the pace of technology. AI will bring an enormous change in the way the world is managed. A lot of researchers believe that AI will be able to do everything. AI can accomplish everything a human could accomplish… that leads us to ask “Then what is the reason we are here?”

Humans aren’t built to be able to think endlessly. We’re not designed to live a life of rest or bliss. My experience has taught me that we’re most happy when we are working towards a goal rather than sitting with our feet and letting an AI take care of everything. AGI AGI (or the AI which does all the things a human could do) could completely obliterate our motivation and completely obliterate our effort to live our lives.

There has to be a cure for the lack of apathy that is associated with the convenience. One great illustration of this is the aftermath on shootings in Las Vegas shootings: nothing has changed.

Imagine a world in which there is no need to think about how to do things or experience pleasure. There is no reason to exercise or run, and depression rates are on the rise. Are there no targets? Why do we need to be striving?

A world that is truly AGI is paradise… but not for us.

A new age is calling us. Let’s go for it.

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