What is Microsoft Designer, and how do you get started?

What is Microsoft Designer, and how do you get started?

What is Microsoft Designer is an internet app for growing visuals and snap shots available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. It can generate pictures and designs using AI to assist you in growing specific content.

Microsoft Designer is a device you can use to create objects like symptoms, invitations, emblems, social media posts, website banners, and plenty more. Using your own photos or Designer’s AI alternative, you can get started out easily and customise any design.

What is Microsoft Designer?

Part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Designer is a device for growing all kinds of images, from logos and invitations to weblog banners and social media posts. You may have additionally laboured on tasks like the ones in Word or Publisher earlier, but Designer is a separate app.

What sets Designer aside from different layout tools is that it uses DALL-E 2 by using OpenAI. It’s a form of artificial intelligence that permits you to create pictures and paintings actually by coming up with a textual content description of what you need. The feature will assist you in finding unique images for your initiatives, and with enough advanced programming, they may be very realistic.

You can also use your own photos and the built-in layout equipment to completely customise your visuals. With templates, shapes, photos, icons, textual content styles, and colour themes, you can discover extraordinary appearances and get the precise layout to suit your assignment.

How can I get Microsoft Designer?

As of December 2022, you can use a ready list to see a preview of Microsoft Designer on the internet.You can add your email address to the list and, once approved, you will receive instructions on how to log in.

The modern-day preview doesn’t contain all planned functions, but Microsoft seeks feedback from those with preview access to enhance the tool before it becomes generally available.

Microsoft Designer will then be available as an unfastened app for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers with optional top-class paid capabilities. Microsoft also plans to combine Designer with Microsoft Edge. The wish is to offer Edge users assistance in designing social media posts and different gadgets on websites they go to inside the browser.

Getting Started with Microsoft Designer

When you log into Microsoft Designer, you’ll see the Designer Copilot. This tool allows you to create your first visual using an AI-generated image, your personal image, or a blank canvas.

Use an AI-Generated Image

In the “Add Your Own Images” section, you’ll see a choice to “Start With an AI-Generated Image.” This is where the energy of DALL-E 2 clearly takes off. Enter a description of the picture you want in the container, and don’t hold back.

You can locate anything from a residence floating on a cloud to a lizard carrying a pinnacle hat to a squirrel waterskiing in a lake. If you spot a picture you want, choose “Save” to apply it.

You’ll then see design ideas appear on the right. If you give your mission a headline, you’ll see up-to-date designs generated with your headline included as well. Choose the design you need to use and click on “Customize Design” to open it in Designer for customizing.

Upload Your Own Image

Select “From This Device” to add a photo from your PC. Then, give your task a headline and, optionally, a subheading. You’ll see routinely generated designs on the page that contain your photo and headline. At the pinnacle, select the colour or size drop-down containers to get greater precision.

Pick a layout and click “Customize Design” to paint on your venture with Designer’s gear.

Add a File From Your Smartphone

Another alternative is to ship documents that include photographs from your smartphone to Microsoft Designer. Select “From Your Phone” and then use your smartphone’s camera to experiment with the QR code that appears.

Tap the hyperlink for Microsoft Designer on your smartphone, and you’ll also see an option to select files from your device.

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